How To Describe Your Vacation Rental Lake House for Maximum Appeal

How To Describe Your Vacation Rental Lake House for Maximum Appeal

A recent survey reveals that 72% of online shoppers consider product descriptions an important factor in their purchase decisions. So, it makes sense to put in extra effort when describing your rental properties online.

People rely on your vacation rental lake house description to provide them with the information they need to plan their vacation, but you can also use this copy to sell them the dream of a relaxing vacation alongside the water.

Keep reading for our best tips on making your vacation rental listing stand out against the competition.

Components of Online Listings for Rental Properties

There are four main parts to any vacation listing. These are:

  • A heading of 50 to 70 characters
  • A description
  • Photographs
  • Booking information

You must hire a professional photographer to showcase your rental properties in their best light. Drone or aerial photography is also highly effective if it's allowed in the area.

Depending on your circumstances, the Online Travel Agent or your property manager will oversee the bookings on your behalf.

If you choose to DIY the time-consuming booking aspect of renting out your home, provide several contact options for clients. These may include telephone numbers and email addresses.

Crafting Your Vacation Rental Lake House Listing

When it comes to writing copy for your vacation rental home, these are the main steps you'll need to carry out.

Headline Generation

The title of your property description must attract the attention of online searchers and highlight the unique selling points of your vacation rental house.

In most cases, proximity to the water would be the USP for your lake house, but you can also use key phrases like 'family-friendly' or 'romantic', depending on your target market.

Main Body Copy

This part of the description must include all the amenities available to guests. These include in-house facilities like air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen, a swimming pool, and water sports equipment.

According to a survey by, travelers value some amenities more highly than others. Be sure to list the most popular ones first.

You should also highlight any nearby attractions and amenities, like local stores, interesting activities, and well-known tourist attractions.

Steer clear of generic terms like 'good' or 'awesome' in your copy. Instead, choose descriptive words that increase your property's appeal. Some examples include using:

  • '5-minute stroll' instead of 'near'
  • 'Panoramic views over Lake Gaston' instead of 'lake view house'
  • 'Chef's kitchen' in place of 'fully equipped kitchen'

If that all seems too complicated for you, you can hire a copywriter to put it all together. Otherwise, sign up with a property manager who includes property descriptions as part of their marketing strategy for investment properties.

Boost Your Bookings

Glowing property descriptions can work wonders for marketing your vacation rental lake house. Word-of-mouth recommendations will do even more.

An experienced property manager will ensure your guests enjoy outstanding service at every stage of their vacation. Happy guests are likely to recommend your rental home to their friends and family.

When you work with PMI Marathon, we'll take care of marketing your property and making your guests feel at home. Get in touch for assistance with all your vacation property management needs.