The Best Vacation Rental Platforms to List Your Property

The Best Vacation Rental Platforms to List Your Property

In 2022, Americans booked 138 million nights in rentals at a vacation property. Rather than a hotel, vacation rental sites offer more space, amenities, and an overall better option for a holiday rental. And listing a vacation property online in Greensboro, NC, has never been easier, thanks to various vacation rental platforms.

The most popular rental platforms include Airbnb, VRBO, and Each vacation rental site is different, but all get your vacation home listed.

Here are the best vacation rental platforms to list your property.


Airbnb is the biggest vacation home rental company in the market. It began in 2007 and has changed exponentially the way people vacation. Vacation rental apps make it easy to see your entire holiday rental without stepping foot in the host city.

It has millions of listings in more than 100,000 cities across the globe.

Airbnb hosts can rent out a bedroom or an entire home. Your vacation property can host yoga classes, art shows, or dinner parties.

For hosts, there is no fee to list a property, but you do pay a service fee when booking. There are also additional local fees, depending on where the property is located.

It's essential to provide great photos along with a solid description. Visitors to vacation rental apps want to see details! It's important that you list any and all amenities.


VRBO recently merged with Homeaway to create a large vacation rental platform. VRBO specializes in listings in the United States.

Unlike Airbnb, bookings are not free. Hosts must pay per booking or an annual fee of $499. There are also credit card fees.

On the VRBO platform, you can only list a private apartment or home. Guests also pay a fee of 12 percent or higher for each booking. Cleaning fees also apply.

Like Airbnb, vacation rental apps make searching and listing easy. used to only be for hotel rooms but has recently grown by adding vacation rentals.

The website charges a 15 percent commission on each booking; if there's a cancellation, doesn't charge a fee.

For hosts, property listings are free.


Why stick with one vacation rental platform? HomeToGo allows you to search vacation rentals across multiple platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO, and

Just type in your destination, and away you go!

The big advantage of HomeToGo is you can instantly compare and contrast pricing. Regardless of how much you will spend, you'll get a good indication of how much each property will cost.

The Best Vacation Rental Platforms to List Your Property

The best vacation rental platforms to list your property include Airbnb, VRBO,, and HomeToGo. Each platform has plusses and minuses, so checking the fine print is best. However, once you place your vacation rental online, it's sure to book quickly!

Property management is the best way to handle your vacation rental. Our company in Greensboro, NC, knows how to keep your property in tip-top shape. We also take care of the day-to-day operations of running your rental property.

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