Home-Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacationers

Home-Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacationers

Listing a property on a vacation platform like Airbnb can help you earn over $20,000 per year, but you'll need a few home sharing tips to succeed.

Many people turn their homes into vacation properties because it allows them to earn extra money when they're away from them. However, managing a vacation property is no easy task, but PMI Property Management can help you.

In this guide, you'll learn about the best home-sharing tips to enter the industry without any issues. Read on to learn more!

Set House Rules

When you start managing vacation rental bookings, one of the first things you must do is set house rules. These will help guests determine whether your property is right for them.

In your listing's house rules, some of the main things to outline are the check-in process, property availability, what guests can use, and whether they must clean. However, to have an easier time attracting guests, it's best not to include too many rules because guests may feel limited if you do so.

Protect Your Belongings

Aside from setting house rules, you must also protect your belongings. If you intend to turn the property into a permanent vacation home, you should remove anything you don't want guests messing with, like personal photos.

However, if you plan on renting out the home seasonally, you can store everything in a locked closet. This will prevent you from having to keep transporting things whenever you return to the property.

When removing your belongings, consider placing vacation home decor around the property. This will make the space feel more comfortable for guests.

Keep the Space Clean

No matter what kind of property you rent out, you must always keep the space clean for guests. While you can encourage guests to pick up after themselves, it's your duty to deep clean the property in between stays.

Many hosts charge guests a cleaning fee, but you should avoid doing this unless you charge a reasonable amount. For example, you shouldn't charge $150 to clean a two-bedroom apartment. The cost should be even lower if you intend to clean the property yourself.

Provide Amenities

One of the best hosting tips we can give you is to provide decent amenities. Some great and affordable options include toiletries, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TVs, etc.

If your property has something like a pool, you should allow guests to use it unless it's a cold season. Not only will this help you get more bookings, but you can also earn more money from your property.

Use These Home Sharing Tips to Maximize Profits Today

Now that you know about the best home-sharing tips for renting your home to vacationers, it's time to start managing your property. The best way to do this is to hire a professional property management company, like PMI Property Management.

We can provide a plethora of services that help you increase bookings and earn more money with your vacation property. Because of this, you should start working with us as soon as possible.

If you're ready to turn a Greensboro property into a vacation rental, contact us to take advantage of our services today.